Strategic Objectives

This Land Use Plan has been developed to address the following strategic objectives:

Assert and clarify our title and rights

This means identifying the extent of our Territory and articulating our title and rights. It also means providing a brief overview of our history to help demonstrate our inseparable connection to the lands and resources throughout our Territory.

Clearly outline our expectations of the Crown and industry proponents

This means clearly outlining our expectations of the Crown and industry proponents regarding their duty to consult. It also means clearly outlining our expectations for accommodation when our rights and title are infringed upon (e.g. the need to negotiate impact benefit agreements and revenue sharing agreements).

Build vibrant and prosperous communities.

This means identifying our basic community land use needs. This will help ensure we have an adequate and appropriate supply of land identified for future community development and expansion (e.g. land for new housing, schools, parks and cemeteries). It also means identifying lands required to pursue community economic development opportunities (e.g. commercial, industrial and tourism).

Improve development standards and environmental outcomes

This means establishing policies and directives to reduce the cumulative impacts associated with different land uses and developments. It also means identifying and areas where the land has been damaged because of historic activities and prioritizing improvements to heal those areas. 

Ensure we are active and visible throughout the full extent of our Territory

This means identifying lands and resources that are culturally significant and must be protected to ensure we are able to continue our traditions. It also means developing a framework for re-developing important sites that will enable our people to continue being active users are steward of the land (e.g. building cabins, trails, smokehouses and other infrastructure)

Important Note -> In the past, our people utilized multiple Village sites throughout our Territory. In the 1970’s, the federal government facilitated our relocation away from the ocean and established a single permanent inland community for our members. One of our goals is to enable our members to “move back” – even if it is just seasonally to start with.